RZ Mask Frequently Asked Questions

How long do filters last?

The life expectancy of the RZ Filter depends on many variables, such as; particulate exposure density, particulate exposure duration, user breathing rate. With that said; below are our general guidelines:  As the user you will have the final call given your exposure.

  • 20-30 hours of continuous use in heavy dust exposure to Grain bins, Off-road, construction/demolition etc.
  • 30-40 hours of continuous use in light dust exposure to Grain Bins, off-road, construction/demolition etc.
  • 50-60 hours of continuous use when protecting against allergens, pollutants, odors etc
  • This filter is interchangeable with all styles of RZ Mask models M1 Neoprene, M1 Mossy Oak and M2 Mesh.

    Can you wash the filter?

    We recommend replacing your filter for maximum breathing protection when the active carbon has been depleted / Or visually the filter has been exhausted due to dust and other airborne particulates.    

    What is the difference between regular filters and scentless filters?

    Both filters are composed of the same material with active carbon insert. The regular filters install directly with the exhaust valves of the mask, allowing for ideal ease of exhalation. The scentless filters are built to absorb the user's exhaled scent and do not utilize the exhaust valves. Therefore our scentless filters are designed for hunting only when breath concealment is a must.

    What is your return policy?

    We have a 90 day money back guarantee. For exchanges, we request that you contact us within 90 days of receiving the mask. We will need the original mask mailed to us prior to shipping out a new one. 

    What is your sizing guide?

    We offer 3 sizes currently: Youth: Up to 125 LBS // Regular: 125lbs - 215lbs // XL: 215lbs and Greater

    My mask has a plastic scent out of package, how can I eliminate this?

    The smell will dissipate over time as the mask is worn. To expedite this, the mask can be placed in direct sunlight for a few hours, this will help absorb the scent. You may also wash your mask shell with mild soap, rinse well and let air dry.

    How do I replace the filters?

    The filters can be replaced by turning the inside of each valve, counter-clockwise. Each filter is affixed in between the valves. Once removed, the old filter can be disposed and the new filter can be placed in between the two valves. Turn the valves clockwise until they are tight.


    Is the mask washable?

    Yes, the mask can be washed. We recommend hand washing the shell with hand soap and warm water. Allow the mask to dry completely upon washing.